Digital technology is transforming dental practice and simplifying clinical efforts. We help you adopt a minimalist philosophy to treatment planning, fewer fabrication steps, and achieve better prosthetic results and patient delight! Our workflows & Quality Control are built to ensure:

• Consistent high quality of laboratory tech service  
• Realistic economics and pricing
• Acute attention to ensure your prescriptions are carefully read and filled
• Strict adherence to turn around times
Long-term personal relationships based on full communications between the lab and the dentist and your practice team
• That you keep up with new technologies and breakthroughs

As a full service digital lab, BioDental Sciences provides restoration solutions for partners and their patients through the digital “smile design process.”

With the industry’s top-rated equipment and our skilled CAD/ CAM digital dental craftsman, we are able to reduce the processing time providing shorter turnaround periods and better accuracy with cases fitting. With our state-of-the-art design studio, we are able to welcome clients and partners into our facility for custom shading and shade matching as necessary to achieve aesthetic perfection. The cost-effective process we use to create our end products helps us provide a better value to our partners and their patients.



Submit full arch and bite scans along with extra-oral photographs and any specific instructions.


Dentist approve or modify the digital smile simulation design.


PMMA provisionals are fabricated along with prep guide.


Prepare teeth and insert provisionals. Definitive restorations are then crafted using the approved provisionals as the template

Case Consultation   

As intra-oral scanning and restorative digital dentistry capabilities develop our expertise helps with advanced case consultation & planning including:
‣ Material options
‣ Restoration choices
‣ Treatment planning for complex cases
‣ Shade taking techniques
‣ Preparation techniques
‣ Impression taking techniques
‣ Digital equipment purchases for a practice
‣ Practice team alignment of the operational workflow and communications 

Our services can be tailored to:

‣ Specialist practices
‣ General practices
‣ Solo practices
‣ Traditional groups
‣ Partnerships  
‣ DSO‘s

 All production is undertaken in the United States

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509 Madison Avenue
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Alice Ng

Sr. Digital Production Manager

Phone: (646) 757-5840