The future is now

State-of-the-Art Digital Dental Lab on Madison Avenue

Our brand new 5000sq ft facility in midtown Manhattan is the first of its kind. It has been designed and built as a digital lab to support dentists as they navigate the transformation to digital dentistry. Beyond the design stations, milling systems and precision 3D printing, it is more than a lab. It is a center for innovation in digital dentistry and is transforming how labs and dentists are collaborating. We are now accepting new practices.

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The Future is Now

Digitally milled restorations from your digital scans or from your traditional impressions.

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BioDental Sciences is a premier state of the art dental laboratory offering an array of digital dentistry solutions in the heart of New York City. Now there is a simple and convenient way for dental practices to check the status of their BioDental Sciences lab orders. With the BioDental Sciences App, users can check order details for both digital and analog cases, track estimated return dates, and the order status of their open and closed orders. This information allows doctors to manage patient care in a timely and efficient manner.

You’ll need a BioDental Sciences issued user id and password to log in to the app.

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The BioDental Sciences App uses the latest security technologies to protect your patient’s personal health information. Personal health information is not stored on the device.

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BioDental Sciences

509 Madison Avenue,
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Gary Kaye

Gary Kaye, DDS, FAGD

Gary Kaye is the chairman and co-founder of BioDental Sciences. He graduated from Columbia University School of dental medicine where he received awards in endodontics, prosthodontics, and geriatric dentistry. He has practiced comprehensive dentistry since 1993 and built successful multi-specialty group practices in and around New York. He is a graduate of the Dawson Academy of Comprehensive Dentistry and has published and lectured on ceramics, occlusion, and the adoption of digital dentistry. He consults with dentists, dental schools and manufacturers on all aspects of digital dentistry. He started BioDental Sciences as a way to help dentists improve on their quality and efficiency by adopting digital workflows in their day to day practices.

Skilled CAD/CAM digital dental craftsman

At BioDental Sciences restorations are crafted by highly skilled technicians. We use state of the art technology throughout the process taking model evaluation, preparation, margin placement and precise anatomical design to a level that consistently meets the high demands of clinical partners. We are driven to bring the balance of form, function and natural beauty to every restoration we create.

Our “smile design process”

Smile Design Process

Submit full arch and bite scans along with extraoral photgraphs and any specific instructions. (We accept PVS impressions if a digital scan cannot be taken).


Dentist approve or modifies the digital smile simulation design.


PMMA provisionals are fabricated along with prep guide.

Smile Design Process

Prepare teeth and insert provisionals. Patient to wear provisionals until both patient and dentist approve. Definitive restorations are then crafted using the approved provisionals as the template.